Peer to Peer fundraising is a really cool way to raise money for SOS Children's Village BC with a creative and fun twist. It's easy because it involves the people who care about you the most, your friends and family. Anyone can become a fundraiser and with the support of fundraisers like you, SOS BC can continue to provide loving homes for children in care and aging out of care.

Here are some ways to get started:

1) The Idea

It is ideal to start with a plan for how you want to go about your fundraising efforts. There are multiple things you can do to grasp the attention of your friends and family and inspire them to donate. The best ideas are the ones you are already passionate about because it will keep you motivated and enthusiastic. Try starting with a hobby or an activity you enjoy. Here are a list of COVID-friendly suggestions:
  • Solo walkathon
  • Virtual games night
  • Online baking show
  • Celebrate a milestone with donations in place of gifts
  • Online dance marathon
  • Sleep out (for the warmer months)
  • Cycling
  • Giving up something for an extended period of time (junk food, drinking, etc.)
  • Social media campaign
Follow this link for a more extensive list of ideas:

2) The Goal

Set a goal and track it with our online thermometer.


Although exciting, fundraising can be a daunting task, especially for a beginner. But we are here to help. Let's break it down into 3 manageable steps. 

1) Personalize Your Fundraiser Page
  • Set up a fundraiser page through our website
  • Explain what you will be doing
  • Include your reasons for fundraising with us and why it's important to you
  • Add your social media handles if you plan to be active on them during your fundraising campaign
  • Add lots and lots of pictures!
2) Break Up Your Social Network And Tailor Your Message For Each Group 
  • Group 1: Immediate family members and closest friends. The people who know you the best
  • Group 2: Friends and family outside of your immediate circle
  • Group 3: Everyone else that you know and/or know of
3) Ask Away And Be Confident About It 
It can be challenging to ask people for money, however when you are raising money for a charity it is important to keep in mind that you are doing this for a cause that is important to you. Check out this awesome TED Talk video on fundraising to help build some confidence around asking for money:

We suggest you start your fundraising efforts by engaging the first group. They are the people closest to you, making them the easiest, and thus helping you to build your confidence. Then you can move on to the second and third group as you pick up more momentum. Your asks can be done through multiple mediums such as:
  • In person
  • Telephone
  • Social media
  • Email
Example: How to raise $500 in one week


Social media is a great tool to use when fundraising. It is a simple, effective, and direct form of communication. Depending on the app, you can get very creative with your message. Utilize Instagram reels, Snapchat stories and filters, and Twitter hashtags to draw a bigger audience to your campaign.

Here are some useful graphics you can download to help promote your campaign on social media: