1) What is the best way to ask people for money without making them feel pressured?  

Answer: Asking people for money can be difficult, however the awesome thing about peer to peer fundraising is that you are connecting with people that you already have a relationship with. You can save time by creating an email/messaging template with information about what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how they can help. Remember to always address your contacts by name and to make the first line personal. Be sure to end the email/message/phone call with a thank you to keep the mood light and positive.

Follow the ORCAC format:

  • Opening: Keep things friendly. Say Hello with a positive and friendly demeanor.
  • Rapport: Ask how they are doing. This is your friend/family member so catch up a little bit.
  • Case: Tell them about SOS Children's Village BC. Mention who we are, what we do, and why it's important to you.
  • Ask: Make your ask, do it politely and with confidence!
  • Conclusion: Thank this person for their time and hearing you out. No matter what the response is, be sure to end the conversation in a positive manner.

2) How will the money be used?
Answer: Funds raised through peer to peer fundraising will go towards program costs. This includes services such as mental health resources for children and youth, our Transitioning to Adulthood Program to help youth aging out of care, and other impactful services that help the Village to run smoothly. There is an extensive list of programs on the main website www.sosbc.org.

3) When and how do I thank my supporters?  

Answer: You can thank your supporters while you are making your appeal, and after they have given you an answer. It is important to remember to thank the person you contact regardless of whether they give you a donation or not. Although we are hoping to raise lots of funds with this campaign, spreading love and positivity is equally as important. If you are choosing to host an event or do a challenge, keep your supporters updated by sharing photos of your success and progress. Finally, do a large thank you via social media, or personally, at the end of your campaign to let everyone know how much you have raised.

4) What should I do if someone is unresponsive or says "no"?

Answer: If someone is unresponsive, you can always ask again! It is not necessarily an automatic "no", people can be busy or they may not have received your message. Wait a few days and send another friendly reminder. If someone says "no", be sure to thank them for their time and ask them if they may be willing to help out in other ways, such as by spreading the word or sharing your online donation link and graphics.